RELS on the Radio

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

In the past ten years, WFAE has featured Kent Brintnall on Same Sex Marriage and the Church (2016) and Grappling With Scandals Within Religious Institutions (2018); Sean McCloud on WFAE Superstitions and Why We Believe Them (2013), Rise of the Nones (2014), and Changing Religious Landscape (2018); Julia Robinson Moore on Good White People (2015), Continuing Martin Luther King’s Legacy (2018); James Tabor and students on Mt. Zion Excavation (2013) and A Love Supreme / Paul and Jesus (2014), and The Real Story Behind the Waco Siege (2018); Barbara Thiede and Joanne Maguire on the State of Faith on Higher Education Campuses (2014) and Barbara Thiede on Thanksgivvukah and Shifts in Judaism (2013).