THREAT! Who Are We Afraid Of and Why?

Join us for a faculty panel and interactive Q & A on October 19, 2022, in McKnight Hall (in the Cone Center) at 2:00. This is part of a series of panels that bring you "Beyond the Headlines" to address pressing issues on our campus and in our world. We encourage students and colleagues to come with questions. The panel on October 19 will feature the following panelists:

Dr. Alexandra Kaloyanides (Religious Studies)  will present on a 1922 Supreme Court case that denied a Sikh immigrant citizenship because his religion was deemed inconsistent with “the civilization of white men.” Dr. K. will explore why Bhagat Singh Thind’s claim to having “Aryan blood” failed, why the court miscategorized Singh as “Hindoo,” and why this Sikh scholar of religious philosophy was only granted U.S. citizenship after he fought in World War I.

Dr. William E.B. Sherman (Religious Studies) will discuss acts of violence and prejudice against Muslim and Sikh Americans following September 11, 2001, and the connection between these individual acts and government policiy. He teaches and writes on the history of Muslims in America with attention to issues of Islamophobia, surveillance, and racialization.

Dr. Joyce Dalsheim (Global Studies) has written about the production of enmity in Israel/Palestine and how some people are categorized as extremists and is interested in the relationship between antisemitism, racisms, and Christian nationalism in the United States. 

Dr. Gregory Starrett (Anthropology) will moderate the panel. Dr. Starrett studies the cultural politics of religion and historical patterns of threat perception in the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S.