Scholarships for Undergraduates

The department offers two undergraduate scholarships.

The Lambda Chi Alpha Loy H. Witherspoon Scholarship is named for the founding chair of the department, first hired in 1964. He died in 2017. You can learn more about Dr. Witherspoon here. This scholarship provides $3,000 each academic year, sometimes split among multiple recipients and sometimes awarded in full to multiple recipients.

The Underwood Scholarship is named for Joan Underwood, the widow of Richard A. Underwood. Richard A. Underwood was hired in 1975 to teach religion and modern culture and to serve as department chair. He retired in 1992. His widow, Joan Underwood, funds the scholarship. This scholarship provides around $500 per semester each year, with multiple recipients in some years. 

Recipients for both awards are chosen by the faculty annually. Recipients have demonstrated by their academic performance a serious commitment to the field of religious studies. 


Congratulations to Our Previous Winners!

Lambda Chi Alpha's Loy H. Witherspoon Scholarship in Religious Studies


Rian Nascimento-Denney

Matt Ramsay

Katy Schultz

2021 Kathryn Goretzka

Anna Burchill

Jordan Byers

2019 Mathew Argonauta
2018 David Flaherty

Elizabeth Joyce Alls

Ananiah Israel Clark

2016 Jakob Zalman Breunig
2015 Gabrielle Haley
2014 Haley Alexis Robinson
2013 Anna Fleig
2012 Ralph Carey Sims
2011 Joe Albertson
2008 Sarah Komer
2007 David Quigley
2006 Rebecca Morton
2005 Robert Marsh
2004 Rebecca Zeller
2003 Adrianne W. Ezzell
2002 Steven Klintworth
2001 Emanuel C. Haggins
2000 Leslie Dilloway
1999 Stephen D. Brisson
1998 Pamela G. Lowder
1997 Robin C. Hines
1996 Raula Wise
1995 Rebecca McGuire



Richard A. Underwood Scholarship in Religious Studies
2022 Evan Ocamb
2021 McKenna Cunningham

McKenna Cunningham

Juliana Peres


Annalise Burchill

Ryan Cataldo

2018 Anna Lewis
2017 Jakob Z. Breunig
2016 Haley N. Twist

Rhondra H. Bacon

Sabeeka K. Ali


Melanie L. Carty

Haley N. Twist

2013 Joshua Reynolds
2012 Katherine A. Fitzgerald
2011 Steven L. Burleson
2010 Jason E. Graham
2008 Molly Morgan
2007 Jonathan Owens
2006 Josiah S. Stroud
2005 Nicholas R. Smith
2004 Kevin Davis
2003 Carmen M. Hayse
2002 Heather L. Greene
2001 Megan Parmer
2000 Elaine Hedrick
1999 Lee Hutchison
1998 Gloria M. Campbell
1997 Don T. Upton
1996 J. L. Hutcherson
1995 Andrea K. Higgins
1994 Patsy C. Macon
1993 Ralph Kirpatrick
1992 Samantha Criswell
1991 Suzanne Personette
1990 Steven L. Jolly
1989 LouAnn Lamb
1988 Roy J. Queen
1987 Suzanne M. Burdick
1986 Stephen A. Hagwood
1985 Russell F. McGhee
1984 Darlene M. Tweed
1983 Gerald A. Carter
1982 Susan M. Byron
1981 Frederick C. Buck
1980 John W. Futterer


Dr. Julia Moore on Charlotte's Brooklyn Neighborhood

   March 2, 2023

Please take a moment today to watch Dr. Julia Moore talk about the heartbreaking history of Charlotte's Brooklyn neighborhood on WBTV's On Your Side

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Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Blog Post by the Author

   January 17, 2023

Dr. Hoenes del Pinal published some thoughts on his monograph, Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided by Language and Faith (University of Arizona Press, 2022). Read here

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Dr. Sherman Is Heading to Heidelberg

   January 17, 2023

Dr. William E.B. Sherman has been awarded a fellowship to the ...

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What is E2M?

   January 16, 2023

Dr. Julia Robinson Moore is very busy working on the various facets of her new project, E2M: Equity in Memory and Memorial. 

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Dr. Thiede and The Shiloh Project

   January 9, 2023

The Bible and Violence is a whole lot more than a two-part book; it’s a wide-ranging scholarly endeavor that includes creating intellectual community through workshopping, mentoring, training, and research events. Scholars involved are reading each other's works, meeting and talking through their interests and concerns, and learning directly from one another in a host of different...

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Learn About Material Culture

   January 3, 2023

Dr. Kaloyanides and Dr. Kati Curts's special issue explores four key categories: “Material,” “Economies,” “Religion,” and “America(s).” The ambition of this issue is that the collective inquiries of its 21 authors, which span various interpretive histories and genealogical fragments, can offer...

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Reviews of Dr. Thiede's Monograph

   July 15, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Thiede on her recent publication of Male Friendship, Homosociality, and Women in the Hebrew Bible: Malignant Fraternities. Routledge, 2021.

Brief summary:

"Male alliances, partnerships, and friendships are fundamental to the Hebrew Bible. This book offers a detailed and explicit exploration of the ways in which shared...

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