Why Study Religion?

Religious Studies courses are some of the most interesting in the university, and we strive together to bring the fascinating complexities of cultures to our students. But why in the world do we need to study religion? The American Academy of Religion has several thoughtful answers to that question. Here’s another: Why The World Needs Religious Studies.

If you are looking for a major or minor, religious studies allows for considerable flexibility. Even if you have already chosen a major, Religious Studies courses might add a fascinating dimension to your education. You might like our courses so much you take on a second major. We commonly have students double major in Psychology and Religious Studies, Sociology and Religious Studies, Political Science and Religious Studies, English and Religious Studies, and more. Students in Education, Social Work, and various health professions find our courses helpful for increasing their cultural competencies.

Religious Studies graduates find the skills they acquire highly attractive in a variety of career areas. Our graduates regularly enter the fields of medicine, business, law, communications, public relations, international studies, education, and the helping professions.

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