1st Place Goes to RELS Graduate Student David Flaherty

David Flaherty wins Best Graduate Paper
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Best Graduate Paper

Congratulations to David Flaherty, a Master's student in the Department of Religious Studies, for winning "Best Graduate Paper" at the 2021 North Carolina Religious Studies Association (NCRSA) Conference. David presented his paper, "Strike A Pose: How Hijras Pose on Digital Religious Platforms," in which he explores the ways hijras, a group of individuals in India who do not identify with gender-binaries, perform on Instagram. Whithin his paper and broader research, he explores and articulates his theoretical category of "pose" as a way to understand contemporary hijra performativity and activity--religious and secular--within Instagram.


David plans to graduate in May 2022, but until then, we look forward to working with David on his research and language studies.