RELS Student Featured in Exchange, UNC Charlotte's CLAS Online Magazine

Annie Burchill
Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Annie Burchill discusses her path to leadership at UNC Charlotte and offers advice to new students

Annie Burchill has distinguished herself at UNC Charlotte as she completed majors in Religious Studies and Criminal Justice and a minor in Urban Youth and Communities, graduating in May 2021 with ambitious plans to make a difference in the world.

“I recently submitted my intent to enroll at UNC Charlotte for my M.A. in Religious Studies,” Burchill says. “After that… who knows? I want – and have the capability – to obtain my Ph.D., start a nonprofit, be an elected official, a coffee shop owner, a lawyer, or a professor, and so much more, all because my mentors, friends, and UNC Charlotte as a whole have equipped me with everything I need to change the world.”  (Exchange Online)

Read more (link opens in new window) about Annie's journey through her undergraduate years at UNC Charlotte as she grew into positions of leadership, and as she reflects on her experiences and her mentors through the years.