Graduate Student Awarded Study Grant

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Department of Religious Studies would like to congratulate David Flaherty, a Master's student studying South Asian religions, cultures, and histories, on being awarded the "Meyer-White Study Away Grant." This grant, as sponosored and funded by William and Barbara Branch, helps to fund student research that takes them outside of North Carolina and is named after the late Drs. Jeffrey Meyer and J. Daniel White, two influential scholars who made profound impacts on student research and collaboration within this department. 

"I am so honored and privileged to receive this generous award from William and Barbara Branch, and I am excited to continue my research that focuses on the intersections of South Asia, digital media, performance theories, and gender and sexuality studies. I also want to thank the faculty within this department for pushing my intellectual boundaries and being such wonderful mentors in my process as a graduate student. I especially look forward to continuing to open up spaces for critical engagement and discourse within and about India. I vividly remember taking courses with Dr. White, such as Readings from The Ramayana and Indian Art and Architecture, and diving deep within the literatures and arts within South Asia. I remember thinking: "This is exactly the place I need to be." And ever since then, I have developed and nuanced my interests and engagements with South Asian scholarship, and I am thrilled to continue these dialogues as I progress into PhD work after completing my thesis." --David Flaherty ( 


Dr. Julia Moore on Charlotte's Brooklyn Neighborhood

   March 2, 2023

Please take a moment today to watch Dr. Julia Moore talk about the heartbreaking history of Charlotte's Brooklyn neighborhood on WBTV's On Your Side

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Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Blog Post by the Author

   January 17, 2023

Dr. Hoenes del Pinal published some thoughts on his monograph, Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided by Language and Faith (University of Arizona Press, 2022). Read here

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Dr. Sherman Is Heading to Heidelberg

   January 17, 2023

Dr. William E.B. Sherman has been awarded a fellowship to the ...

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What is E2M?

   January 16, 2023

Dr. Julia Robinson Moore is very busy working on the various facets of her new project, E2M: Equity in Memory and Memorial. 

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Dr. Thiede and The Shiloh Project

   January 9, 2023

The Bible and Violence is a whole lot more than a two-part book; it’s a wide-ranging scholarly endeavor that includes creating intellectual community through workshopping, mentoring, training, and research events. Scholars involved are reading each other's works, meeting and talking through their interests and concerns, and learning directly from one another in a host of different...

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Learn About Material Culture

   January 3, 2023

Dr. Kaloyanides and Dr. Kati Curts's special issue explores four key categories: “Material,” “Economies,” “Religion,” and “America(s).” The ambition of this issue is that the collective inquiries of its 21 authors, which span various interpretive histories and genealogical fragments, can offer...

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Reviews of Dr. Thiede's Monograph

   July 15, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Thiede on her recent publication of Male Friendship, Homosociality, and Women in the Hebrew Bible: Malignant Fraternities. Routledge, 2021.

Brief summary:

"Male alliances, partnerships, and friendships are fundamental to the Hebrew Bible. This book offers a detailed and explicit exploration of the ways in which shared...

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