Graduate Student Spotlight

Trina Rumfelt
Friday, October 29, 2021
Meet Trina Rumfelt!

Trina Rumfelt, Graduate MA Student in Religious Studies

  • Trina chose to pursue Religious Studies at both the undergraduate and graduate level because it allows her to develop a better understanding of people, their socialization practices, and cultural influences.
  • Her research focus today is Judaism/Early Christianity and why the various dating proposals regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls vary so much over a 200 year period.
  • She is involved with the Religious Studies Graduate Organization as Treasurer and Senator.
  • She hopes to continue her role as a mentor to the local middle school students that move from their home countries and now live in my community. Her Religious Studies degree allows her to be a better mentor with the knowledge she obtained and through the teachings she received.
  • Trina’s advice to current and prospective Religious Studies students would be to follow your passion when researching deep into the lives of the people you study. People are complex and studying their systems of belief is even more so. Dive deeply into their lives and immerse yourself with their way of life so you can learn from them.

Dr. Julia Moore on Charlotte's Brooklyn Neighborhood

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   January 17, 2023

Dr. Hoenes del Pinal published some thoughts on his monograph, Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided by Language and Faith (University of Arizona Press, 2022). Read here

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Dr. William E.B. Sherman has been awarded a fellowship to the ...

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What is E2M?

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Dr. Julia Robinson Moore is very busy working on the various facets of her new project, E2M: Equity in Memory and Memorial. 

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Dr. Thiede and The Shiloh Project

   January 9, 2023

The Bible and Violence is a whole lot more than a two-part book; it’s a wide-ranging scholarly endeavor that includes creating intellectual community through workshopping, mentoring, training, and research events. Scholars involved are reading each other's works, meeting and talking through their interests and concerns, and learning directly from one another in a host of different...

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Learn About Material Culture

   January 3, 2023

Dr. Kaloyanides and Dr. Kati Curts's special issue explores four key categories: “Material,” “Economies,” “Religion,” and “America(s).” The ambition of this issue is that the collective inquiries of its 21 authors, which span various interpretive histories and genealogical fragments, can offer...

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Reviews of Dr. Thiede's Monograph

   July 15, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Thiede on her recent publication of Male Friendship, Homosociality, and Women in the Hebrew Bible: Malignant Fraternities. Routledge, 2021.

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"Male alliances, partnerships, and friendships are fundamental to the Hebrew Bible. This book offers a detailed and explicit exploration of the ways in which shared...

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