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In the past ten years, WFAE has featured Kent Brintnall on Same Sex Marriage and the Church (2016) and Grappling With Scandals Within Religious Institutions (2018); Sean McCloud on WFAE Superstitions and Why We Believe Them (2013), Rise of the Nones (2014), and Changing Religious Landscape (2018); Julia Robinson Moore on Good White People (2015), Continuing Martin Luther King’s Legacy (2018); James Tabor and students on Mt. Zion Excavation (2013) and A Love Supreme / Paul and Jesus (2014), and The Real Story Behind the Waco Siege (2018); Barbara Thiede and Joanne Maguire on the State of Faith on Higher Education Campuses (2014) and Barbara Thiede on Thanksgivvukah and Shifts in Judaism (2013).