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Our mission is to educate students, university colleagues, and the broader public about the ways religion shapes and is shaped by global societies.

In religious studies

We are a vibrant community of scholars and students engaged in free academic inquiry who are curious and capable of attending to detail and nuance in a complex world, taking religion as its area of exploration. 

This department is explicitly committed to the liberal arts tradition and to fostering both global and pluralistic perspectives. We uphold standards of excellence in close reading, critical thinking, and effective communication, all of which are embedded in our undergraduate and graduate curricula.

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Our department office is in Macy 210.

Contact Us or 704-687-5188

Department Chair
Sean McCloud

Graduate Director and Associate Chair
Kent Brintnall

Undergraduate Director
Alexandra Kaloyanides

Administrative Support Associate
Sally Mesibov

Department Advisor
Shonta LeMaster

UNC Charlotte
Dept of Religious Studies
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte NC 28223

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